Bendigo Bathrooms proudly offers professional wet area waterproofing services to Bendigo and Castlemaine homes. We have the expertise, experience and resources to undertake your wet area waterproofing project.

The Building Code of Australia (AS3740-2010) mandates that wet areas within a home need to be waterproofed. Bathrooms, showers, laundries and toilets are all considered wet areas within a home and, as such, the building elements in these rooms must be waterproof or water resistant. Of all the rooms in your house, you will need the bathroom to be the most waterproof.

Waterproofing is one of the first steps to take place when a bathroom is being built. It involves installing a waterproof barrier around the walls and floor in your wet area to protect the structure of the house from moisture. With the popularity of open showers nowadays it is imperative the correct waterproofing is undertaken.

In all our Bendigo bathroom renovations and tiling job wet areas we apply waterproofing membranes. At Bendigo Bathrooms we are happy to undertake waterproofing-only jobs as well.

The building code requires bathroom waterproofing services to the following surfaces:

  • shower walls and floors
  • bathroom walls
  • bathroom floors on the second storey or above
  • any bathroom floors containing wood
  • steps going into the bath or shower.

All our tilers are qualified to undertake any waterproofing that is necessary. It is important the waterproofing membrane installed is compatible with the finished floor system, such as under-floor heating, bathroom floor and wall tiling and adhesives. We use Mapei Mapelastic and/or Davco K10 waterproofing products, which are best suited to the situation.

Bendigo Bathrooms will provide a Waterproofing Compliance Certificate for all waterproofing jobs we complete, including any shower repairs in Bendigo.